It appears that the Democratic presidential contenders are pretty much all agreed that the FOX News Network is biased in favor of the Republican party and, as a result of that perception, the front runners on the Democratic side are avoiding debates and other media events sponsored by FOX. It has gotten so bad that even when FOX collaborated with the Congressional Black Caucus Political Education and Leadership Institute to co-host a debate (still scheduled for Sept. 23rd), three of the Democratic front runners, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have refused to attend.

Where on earth could the Democratic elite have gotten the idea that FOX was biased against Democrats and liberals; perhaps because there is some truth to that! But according to Jessie Jackson, the self-appointed spokesman for everyone who is not white! (That, by the way is not an ‘accusation’ that Jackson is a racist — his words and actions speak for themselves.) Fox News is also biased against black Americans! Here is what Jessie Jackson said in an interview with


“I am disappointed by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute’s partnership with FOX and strongly encourage them to reverse that decision. Why would presidential candidates, or an organization that is supposed to advocate for Black Americans, ever give a stamp of legitimacy to a network that continually marginalizes Black leaders and the Black community? FOX moderating a presidential debate on issues of importance to Black Americans is literally letting the Fox guard the henhouse- Fox should be rejected.”

You can see for yourself that Jackson has once again taken a political issue — based solely on conservative vs. liberal points of view and has ‘played the race card,’ turning it into an issue that keeps him (and the Rev. Sharpton) in the spotlight and, no doubt, in the money.

There can be little doubt that Fox News shows favoritism toward conservative positions any more than there can be doubt that CNN and MSNBC show favoritism toward liberal positions. They are all, at least in my opinion, losers by not reporting straight news without the partisan slant but everyone has their own opinions on every issue and that does not exclude the people who report the news. That, however, does not excuse Jessie Jackson’s blatant racism or his baseless implication that Fox News is just news for ‘white folks.’ Jackson’s charge that Fox “marginalizes Black leaders and the Black community” is true in the sense that they show Jackson as what he is: a racist and an opportunist.


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