By Honey Gillard

SEXY ‘Sin City’ star Jessica Alba has come out this month stating to GQ magazine that the brain is better than the brawn.

Alba, who is currently dating movie producer Cash Warren, is adamant in reporting that the first thing she looks for in a guy is brains not good looks.

The star-spangled star revealed:  “I don’t really have a type as such. Intelligence,
kindness, a sense of humour – that’s kind of it for me.”

“I don’t really care that much about the physical. I see all the pretty boys
I want when I’m working. I’d much rather have a great conversation with

The 26-year-old also continued to take a rather personal bite out of her fellow actors, insisting that many of today’s Hollywood stars take themselves too seriously.

“It’s a trap for actors to think that they’re the centre of the universe. I’ve never been that impressed with myself. I really don’t think about it,” Alba said

This GQ gossip came just a week after Alba revealed that any man who wants to date her must make friends with her dad- oh how popular her dad must have been that week.

Alba met current squeeze Cash whilst filming ‘Fantastic Four’, on which he worked as a director’s assistant, and by the looks it he has made friends with her dad.

The ‘Fantastic Four’ star said any probable suitors must be able to “hang out with her dad” or bye-bye.

 “I like a guy to be in touch with his feelings. He’s also got to be able to hang out with my dad.”

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Source: Hollywood rag

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