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ACTRESS Jessica Alba has reportedly given birth to a baby girl over the preceding weekend.

US Magazine released reports today claiming that ‘Alba’s father was heard remarking “she’s beautiful” and husband Cash Warren — in jeans and a baseball cap — was seen taking food into the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre’s maternity ward in LA’.

Alba, 26, and Warren, 28, announced they were expecting back in December.

In the 6 months since the announcement, Alba and warren have not only been preparing themselves emotionally and physically for the arrival of their baby, but have also managed to move into a $4 million dollar home and get married.

The pair were quietly wed in the Beverly Hills courthouse’s ceremony room just last month, on May 19.

“It’s a lot of stress to buy a house, have a baby and get married in six months,” Alba recently revealed to USA Weekend.

“It’s a lot of life-changing decisions. I’m really, really secure and happy in my relationship.”

Alba was interviewed constantly regarding her pregnancy. In these interviews the quiet star revealed that her one fear of parenthood was breastfeeding.

She says she had a dream and “it had to do with breastfeeding which is the only thing I’m paranoid about. More than giving birth.”

Alba also talked about how she feels that the whole experience has left her feeling more emotional.

“Anything could make me incredibly angry or break down crying,” she says. “That’s not something I’m used to.”

Alba’s rep has not yet confirmed the birth but is expected to within the coming days.

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