By Honey Gillard
Admirable and ethical actress Jessica Alba has revealed that the reason behind her return for the sequel of the comic film ‘Fantastic Four’ was because of her skin-tight outfit in the film.
Alba, 25, recently reported that she was left with no choice but to do the sequel, as she is the only actress who can fit into her character, Sue’s, skin-tight outfit.
“I have a booty and big hips so the suit is made to allow for that. It’s like a second skin and looks like it too!” Alba revealed to ‘The Sun’.
Jessica plays Susan Storm in the action/adventure films; a character who has the power to turn invisible. 
The plot of ‘Fantastic Four (2): Rise of the Silver Surfer’ was described on IMDB:
‘After the death of Dr. Doom the Fantastic Four fell life is back to normal for the team. And Reed Richards and Sue Storm Get married. Little do they know that a new enemy the Silver Surfer takes charge to destroy the earth and it’s up to the fantastic four to stop him. As they also deal with the return of Dr. Doom.’
Excited? Don’t worry you won’t have to wait very long now. The sequel is set for release in June.
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Source: China Daily

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