Jessica Alba is one of those actresses who can be seen everywhere, on magazine covers, at awards shows, on screen. She’s appeared in dozens of TV shows and films and has really made a name for herself, but she hasn’t been involved in any project that has won over audiences’ respect and appreciation.

Alba has been acting since she was thirteen, debuting in the 1994 comedy Camp Nowhere, winning over the lead role when another actress dropped out due mainly to the fact that they shared the same hair color. It seems to be that her looks have defined her acting career. Now 26, Alba is known for her “pretty girl roles” in films such as Flipper, Never Been Kissed, Idle Hands, Honey, and Sin City. In 2000, she starred in James Cameron’s Dark Angel which aired on Fox for 43 episodes, a sci-fi show that was big with the sci-fi crowd but still had Alba traipsing around in a black leather suit, playing “the hot girl” once again.

In 2005, Alba played comic book hero Susan Storm in the Fantastic Four movie. This character is a strong, intelligent woman, the kind of role that Alba could use on her resume. At the same time, however, an actor can only get so much acclaim for starring in a comic book movie. This was true when she received a Razzi for her performance in the film that year, although I think that when an actor wins this particular award, it is mostly due to the film being considered bad in general and not necessarily because of the actors involved. Still, this has not hampered her from tackling the role again in the upcoming sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. If this film turns out to be more successful than its predecessor in terms of quality as well as box office receipts, then perhaps this is the break that Alba has been waiting for to break her out of her type-casted personas, and then we’ll be able to see what she can actually do.

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