By Honey Gillard 

In just under 3 months Jessica Alba will have us all saying, ‘Good Luck Chuck’. 

‘Good Luck Chuck’ is rom-com (romantic comedy) that zones in on the life of unlucky-in-love, Chuck, (Dane Cook) who breaks up with his longtime lady, and is then shocked when he hears the news that she is engaged to her new boyfriend. He finds himself repeating this pattern, and is hopeful that single women will seek him out as a date, so they too will soon find Mr. Right. He then meets Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba), a lovable, but clumsy penguin trainer, who changes his outlook on love. 

So we’ve got the lovely Jessica Alba and Mr. Dane Cook, but who else has lent their talents to this film? Well, the cast also includes Annie Wood, Chelan Simmons [Final Destination 3], Dan Fogler and Jodelle Ferland. (NOTE: Both Simmons and Ferland have starred in hit T.V show ‘Supernatural]. 

‘Good Luck, Chuck’ is set for cinema release on the 24th o f August. 

Don’t think you can hold out a whole 3 months for some Alba-tastic acting? Well no worries you can see the Hollywood beauty this coming month in ‘Fantastic Four: The Rise OF The Silver Surfer’. 

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