xin_0404041919227291845725.jpgBy Honey Gillard

VICTORIA’S Secret’s sexiest actress Jessica Alba has depicted her violin playing as sounding like “a cat on heat”.

Alba plays a blind concert violinist in her latest horror flim titled ‘The Eye’ and plays the string instrument herself – although she professes that her playing sounds dreadful.

“All the notes are accurate, I am playing the actual notes of music, but on set it just sounds like a cat in heat so in the film a real-life violinist is heard playing,” The ‘Fantastic Four’ actress explained.

Alba claims that, at first, she struggled to pleasantly play even the simplest pieces, even with her hour-and-a-half practice sessions every day.

She further explained: “I started with ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’. It’s impossible.”

‘The Eye’ is a remake of Hong Kong film ‘Jian Gui’ and is produced by ‘Top Gun’ star Tom Cruise’s production company. The plot follows a violinist [Alba] who receives an eye transplant to restore her sight, but the eye brings the young girl more than she bargained for when it afflicts her with supernatural visions.

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Source: ChinaDaily

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