By Honey Gillard

TONY Romo – boyfriend of Jessica Simpson – has given the pop star permission to ditch her hair and make-up stylists – insisting she is more beautiful without all their glitz and glamour that they create.

It seems that we may be seeing a less-Hollywood Simpson in the future, if she listens to the advice of her beau; in turn breaking the glamourous conforms of Hollywood and celebrity status that have everyone ‘needing’ to look 110% 24/7, or else be under consequential scrutiny.

A source revealed in US magazine ‘Life & Style Weekly’ that Simpson no longer feels the worry of how she looks; knowing that Tony will always love her.

“Gone are the days of Jessica having her hair and make-up people on call all the time. She always worried about how she looked. Now she knows she can dress the way she wants and choose not to wear make-up and Tony will still love her just as much.”

The source reveals.“Tony is more attracted to her when she’s casually dressed with her hair hanging around her shoulders, than when she’s carefully coiffed and dressed to the nines.”

The article further revealed that Jess feels more comfortable in her trackies, rather than all dolled up. 

“Jessica hates trying to look sexy all the time. She is a home girl on the inside – but she still loves a great pair of shoes!”

The pair have been dating since November last year. In related news, a close source to Jess has revealed to OK! Magazine that Jess has “yearned for a baby for years” and with the rumours circling of her sister Ashlee’s, pregnancy, jealousy could definitely be on the table for the sisters.

“Jessica Simpson has yearned for a baby for years. She’s told friends that she can’t wait to be a mom and has even joked that if she has to, she’ll resort to making her hairstylist pal Ken Paves the adoptive daddy,” the magazine reports.

“Jessica never imagined that her tomboy younger sister would have a baby first! It would be very hard for her not to be jealous.”

A close source to Simpson sister Ashlee – who is rumoured to be pregnant to Fall Out Boy musician Pete Wentz – revealed: “Jessica couldn’t be happier for her sister but still can’t help feeling jealous. She’d love to be planning a wedding with a baby on the way.”

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