Unless you’ve been out of the country you have no doubt heard about the campaign by Democrats to overturn the President’s veto on SCHIP.

It’s been nothing short of “SCHIP mania” on the left for over a week. Someone who doesn’t follow politics closely might think it’s only because they care about kids and want them to have free health care.

I wish that were true, but unfortunately it is not. This crusade is about overturning the President’s veto and the veto just happened to be SCHIP. This has everything to do with defeating the President and nothing to do with the health of kids.

Realizing they’ve probably trotted out as many sick kids as they’re gonna get away with in such a short amount of time, the Democrats have turned back to washed up musicians for help.

So far this week we’ve heard from David Crosby and Graham Nash who were kind enough to weigh-in on both the Iraq War and SCHIP. Then most recently we heard from Paul Simon who made it quite clear that he thinks the President’s veto on SCHIP was “cruel.”

I don’t disagree that the opinion of washed-up, hippie musicians is critical when debating important legislation. Unfortunately, Crosby & Nash just don’t have me convinced and even with Paul Simon it’s still not enough.

However, if the Democrats can get Jerry Garcia to throw his support behind SCHIP from beyond the grave, it goes without saying I’ll be convinced.

-Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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