There has been much written about the happenings in Jena, Louisiana, a town that few people outside of the direct area had ever heard of. However it made the national, and international news with the brutal beating of Justin Barker, in early December 2006. Six of Jena’s finest with Mychal Bell as their leader knocked this kid unconscious and as far as I can tell did their best to kill him! What looked at first sight as a fine example of gratuitous violence quickly took on a racial aspect, white victim, black assailants. The gloves came off!

This is all old news of course. But there is new news. I don’t tend to get involved with ‘hard news’, I prefer to devil in the world of reviews, but every so often I fall off the straight and narrow and have to chance a real story. I did that with Jena 6, I tracked down a Jena resident, businessman, and community activist, I was shocked by what I heard!

As a result of my story another journalist picked up on some of the aspects that I had gleaned from my contact. Robert Lindsay is a go getter, and his latest article is well worth a read. Some of it is speculation, but if I was a gambling guy I’d bet a Dollar or two on the accuracy, it certainly dovetails well with what I have heard.

These 6 poor little back kids are thugs. They are hated within the community, both by black and white. Even the authorities treat them with deference. And these are a bunch of kids that are not old enough to vote! But they certainly are old enough to cause havoc in Jena. Maybe even more interesting is the hot rumor that a couple of their parents are now driving around in brand new cars, oh, and we are not talking KIA subcompacts, we are talking a Jaguar and a Cadillac SUV funded by the ‘defense fund’ for their wayward progeny.

You can check out Robert’s excellent article here.

Simon Barrett  

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