By Honey Gillard

Former Amerian Idol contestant & ‘Dreamgirl’ singing sensation has wowed the world and brought everyone from the infamous Elton John to Oscar voters to their feet in astonishment.  J. Hudson is the face of this months Life Magazine –which incorporates many stunning photos of the diva, shot by Peggy Sirota. The sexy sister also sat down with ‘Life’ and spilled the beans – so to speak. Here are some of the highlights:  

On serving at Burger King: “The only non-entertainment job I took was at Burger King [as a teenager]. My older sister, Julia, was the super-employee. I made a mess of everything – burgers would go flying out of my hand,. I’d drop the cheese. It made me realize I better find a job doing something completely different.”  

On loving The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:  “It was while watching an episode of the ’90s Will Smith sitcom that she first heard “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” Dreamgirls’ signature song. “Will was lip-synching to it, and I was like, ‘Who is that singing? I have to sing that song.’ I never would have guessed. . . .” 

On her one true love: “My boyfriend, James Peyton, 27, and I have been together since 1999, so he watched me struggle to get here. There were some dark times when I’d say, ‘I can’t sing anymore. I’m not right for this.’ He’d say, ‘Jennifer, there’s no way you’re not singing. Keep it up, girl, keep it up.’ ” 

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