In what can only be viewed as a totally bizarre twist in the legal system, Judge Gregory Frost has ordered a stay of execution for Jeffrey Lundgren.

Mr. Lundgren’s lawyer has successfully argued that his client who is obese, hypertensive and a diabetic would suffer cruel and unusual punishment if put to death by lethal injection.

Jeffrey Lundgren formed a cult after he was dismissed in 1987 as a lay minister of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As a result he moved to Ohio with some of his followers and set up ‘shop’.

Unfortunately one family did not fit in well with his cult.

He was sentenced to death for the killings of 5 people, a man, his wife and their three children. The killing was done execution style, they were all shot in a predetermined fashion. This is not a person that you would want your daughter to date!

Jeffrey Lundgren has spent almost 20 years on death row, and apparently he is pioneering a new way to avoid the ultimate punishment. Eat your way out of the death sentence. Get too fat to die!

Because of Jeffrey Lundgren’s size and health problems the ‘lethal cocktail’ of drugs administered would be “cruel and unusual punishment” his lawyer says. One has to wonder what the 5 people he killed would have to say about that?

Not everyone agrees that Mr Lundgren’s health problems should impede justice.

Simon Barrett


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