Today’s news that former Congressman William Jefferson, was convicted of bribery and racketeering, among other things, comes as no big surprise.  Several things are worth revisiting regarding this former “big wheeler” and the support he was given by the House  leadership.  Most people will remember the media coverage and uproar that occurred as a result of the FBI search which took place at the Congressional office of Mr. Jefferson. The house leadership jumped on the issue right away, and claimed the search was improper, given that a congressional office was involved. The media coverage was extensive, as was the coverage that thousands of dollars in unexplained cash were found in  Mr. Jefferson’s freezer. In the poor judgement Department, Nancy Pelosi was quick to denounce the search undertaken by the FBI, notwithstanding the fact, that a federal Judge had signed the warrant. (later upheld by the courts.)  Pelosi at the time, also chose Jefferson for a seat on the House Homeland Security Committee, despite his upcoming legal battle, and questionable – ( now proven to be criminal) behavior.  This “look the other way when it suits me” attitude that Mrs. Pelosi displayed was a foreshadow of things to come, as we saw with the CIA briefings conflict. In that debacle, Mrs Pelosi was not able to articulate what she knew and when.  It did not stop her from throwing stones, after having done nothing at the time, but “look the other way”  This is a pattern that the voters of California need to remember when re election time comes. 

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