SignIn todays economic crunch finding things to do that the family can enjoy is hard to find not to mention affordable. Now depending on what you like the old saying the best things in life are free still has meaning. I say that because if you are a lover of good music fun time and love the community atmosphere. Then Jazz on the grass is where you needed to be.

 This is an event created and hosted by Family Victory Fellowship located at 19421 W. 10 Mile Rd. In Southfield Michigan Pastor Larry Jordan for one night presents “Jazz On The Grass by now your wondering how much this event cost’s well this yearly event is free that’s right free. There is no cost to the general public and all are welcome to come and enjoy a wonderful evening of jazz and fellowship. There are local business’s and there is food and drink for you and the kids yes I said kids this is family event that is becoming a yearly expectation by jazz lovers all over Detroit.

 This past Friday was an excellent day to have ”Jazz On The Grass” especially when you have phenomenal local Jazz artist to entertain the crowd the MC for the night was Sandy Kovach. People started arriving about 4 o’clock even though the show didn’t start till 6pm. This show featured many of the artist you might hear on your local radio stations if you arrived early enough you might get a glimpse of them casually getting ready for show time. This years show had Terrance Palmer, Randy Scott, Tim Bowman, and Zamar preforming.

 Terrance Palmer a premier basses took the stage around 6pm to get the evening started. He played a few tunes from his previous CD “Love Letter” which was a response to a letter his wife wrote to him before they got married. During the show Mr. Palmer performed “Diane” a song dedicated to his wife he also announced his up coming CD “Transitions” to be released on September 20th and played the newly released single “So Amazing.” You can learn more about Terrance Palmer at his web site

 Next in the line up was Mr. Randy Scott who stunned the audience when he started play from the back of the the crowd and proceeded to walk through the audience as he play his saxophone. His bass player was the one and only Terrance Palmer one of the songs Mr. Scott played was a Stevie Wonder song during which people began to hustling in the grass, even one of the band members from Mr. Palmers band got in on the hustle. On song that particularly stands out that Mr. Scott preformed was an audience request from his recent CD “Breathe” the song was “ Mo’ Better Blues” a remake from the movie of the same title. Mr. Scott proceeded to serenade the fan and even took pictures with the fan as he played the song then proceed to climb back on stage and close his portion of the show for more information on Randy Scott

 Now if you have never seen Tim Bowman play you have truly missed out because this is where Randy Scott & Terrance Palmer play in his band now. Yes that’s right Randy Scott is pulling double duty and Terrance Palmer triple duty. This musical cross over created a wonderful sound and took the show to a new level Randy Scott & Tim Bowman actually went into the audience and played to the audience. Half way threw the show Mr. Bowman introduced his son Tim Bowman Jr. to the crowed and he sang “Everything must Change” this surprised the audience totally with his ability and soulful singing. After sing that song Tim Jr. received a roaring applause from the crowd. From there Mr. Bowman  completed his show.

 There are so many ways to describe Zamar soulful, eclectic, music creations is just a few that come to mind when I think of them. There performance was energetic and was the excellent cap to a night under the stars with a stage full of stars. Zamar is a jazz group that covers jazz from every direction. Every member of Zamar  you can see playing all over town, but when they come together they form Zamar which as the band leader Marlin who plays saxophone explains. Zamar is a hebrew word that means to play and that is what Zamar does this fall the will be releasing there third CD don’t have the title just yet but the are in the studio. There previous CD’s Day Of Joy, and Instruments of Praise show how they view jazz music It doesn’t compare to there live performance but it does give you something to look forward too.



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