Jasdaq, Japanese high-technology oriented stock exchange, said that it is in talks with Nasdaq, for a possible alliance that could allow companies to be mutually listed on both the exchanges. Around 970 companies are listed in Jasdaq, which has a market value of $111 billion. Nasdaq, has nearly 3,300 companies listed, with a combined market capitalization of over $3.8 trillion. On an average more shares are traded in Nasdaq than in any other markets in United States. The Jasdaq spokesman said that both the exchanges have initiated talks for a possible collaboration from August and both of them are exploring the ways to list Asia-based start up companies on the Nasdaq.


Many global stock exchanges have formed alliances or merged in the recent times, like Euronext N.V, a pan-European stock exchange with subsidiaries in countries like France, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and United Kingdom, which merged with the New York Stock exchange to form the largest stock exchange in the world.

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