The number of autos manufactured in Japan (1,033,349 vehicles) for November 2006 was a 7.4 percent increase over the 962,378 units produced in November 2005, a continuation of 13 consecutive months of increases, according to a report released Wednesday by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA).

Domestic sales for November 2006 were down 2.3 percent, to 452,629 vehicles, compared to November 2005.

Auto exports for November 2006 rose 24.6 percent (555,295 units) from the 445,607 units of November 2005, the 16th consecutive month of export increases, the report noted.

The total value of automobiles exported for November 2006 was $12,121 million including $9,802 million for vehicles and $2,318.27 million for parts, an increase of $1,771 million or 17.1 percent compared with $10,349 million for November 2005.

US remains as the biggest market for japanese exports.

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