Now available on the grocery shelves of Japan is space yogurt. No, I’m serious. Earlier this year, Himawari Dairy booked space on the Soyuz rocket before it went into space. The dairy had the rocket carry two forms of bacteria with it, lactic acid bacteria used in ordinary yogurt and a unique strain of Lactobacillus paracasei cultured from pickles preserved in the dregs of sake. The dairy wanted to see what kind of effect space radiation would have on the bacteria and what could be done with it. When the rocket returned 10 days later, the dairy began studying the effects of space on the bacteria and discovered that about half the bacteria died in space but the other half was strong and stayed alive. The strong yogurt was used in a new kind of yogurt that the dairy says has a more full bodied flavor due to the space bacteria. The new brand of yogurt is called Uchu O Tabi Shita Yogurt (“yogurt that traveled in space”) and is available for about $1 per 90 gram container. For those people who lead busy lives though, a new type of space yogurt drink is also available.

Space Yogurt Made With Astro-Bacteria (Live Science)

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