One thing for sure is that any die hard football fan will never forget the year 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing together when what they called a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ caused Jackson’s right breast to be exposed to the public. The so called accident generated a record number of complaints of more than 500,000 which caused CBS to put out a quick apology.

Now the Federal Communications Commission is saying that the US Circuit Court of Appeals incorrectly applied a rule to say that CBS was not responsible therefore now they want the US Supreme Court to force the TV Network to pay a fine which is $500,000.

In July a Philadelphia court had ruled that CBS would not have to pay the fine after the US Court of Appeals ruled that CBS were not responsible for the incident with Janet Jackson’s wardrobe.

The FCC says the courts applied an incorrect rule (which has since changed) regarding expletives that required a profanity be repeated before it is deemed indecent. The FCC contends that the rule did not apply to images.

At the time broadcasters didn’t employ a video delay for live events but was changed within a week after the game.

I missed that game but I know plenty of people that talked about the halftime show for a long time and to this day if the mention of a halftime show comes up that particular one is always remembered.

Jan Barrett

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