Jane Fonda is a good actress but not at the level of Meryl Streep or Vanessa Redgrave (I use Redgrave as an example because she is from the same commie ilk as Jane) never the less they are great actresses.

Jane Fonda has used her left wing political views as a promotional tool from the very begining of her career. Hanoi Jane being one example. Like many young actresses she used all of the tricks in her bag, naked pictures in movies and printed publications,and she had a lot to show under her garments!

When she got older and the naked pictures were no longer keeping her in the spotlight she became a born again Christian.

My guess is that this move was for publicity only.  Somehow I find it hard to beleive that Ms Fonda is much of a Christian, reborn or otherwise.

Yesterday Jane introduced us to her latest publicity stunt. She participated in a demonstration against the war In Iraq. I guess, at her age, posing with a hand held rocket launcher between her legs, as she did with the gun in Hanoi during the 1970s, wouldn’t be a good publicity choice for Jane.

Meryl Streep stays in the spotlight because of her talent, while Jane Fonda, though quite talented, needs other gimmicks to stay there. We can’t blame Jane for this, most of the players in Hollywood use similar advertising ways. After all the business is called SHOW business.

I don’t know how much of Jane Fonda’s career is a part of the examples used in “communications” or “public relations” programs in different universities, but I am sure she is a good example of how to use the spin machine for promoting a talent that isn’t better than the average skilled Hollywood actor. The main idea, in her case, is/was “grab whatever is necessary without any moral accounting” to keep in the spotlight.

[Edited by Simon – Tweaked]

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