By Lamarana Jallow son of The Gambia.
Dear Editors,

I  have been busy coordinating the July 22ND anniversary rehearsals. Our men are being trained on foot drill, gun salute and VIP escort. I have few important security issues to share with Gambians today. President Jammeh is at this hour, contemplating visiting Taiwan. He is not convinced about his return. He is likely to cancel the said visit for security reasons, as he did to other invitations accorded to him. During a rare chat with him, Jammeh confided to me in private about the said visit. He wanted me to advise him on the said visit. I told him what I felt about the pending Taiwan  visit. For security reasons, I do not want to go into details, because he might connect the dots as to who is Lamarana Jallow.  I offered my humble advise to him on the subject matter. I understand the President’s concerns and I’m willing to accommodate his concerns. The failed coup attempt had rendered Oga mentally unstable. He suspects almost every men and women of the armed forces. Taiwan should not be disappointed if Oga did not show up as promised. He has many things going on right now. The security of the nation is paramount.

A delegation of Taiwanese were here recently. They invited oga to visit their country. As I write, there is no definitive move on the said proposed visit. The convoy to escort the President on July 22ND reports to me directly. The advance party, which is going to  survey the celebration ground are supposed to spend the night watching the area. The President is going to use one of  the Hummers if all plans went well. The mechanic working on the President’s cars told me the other day that the Hummers need maintenance.

Perhaps, Lang and Pa Jallow  have not communicated the Mechanic’s recommendations to Oga. The wheels are likely to fall off if not taken care of. The President’s own personal car needs to be serviced. I personally inspected these Hummers. The Mechanic confessed to me that he lacked the necessary tools to repair these Hummers. He said he often resorts to “trouble shooting” to find solution for the problems. There are broken tire belts- to borrow the expression he used when he talked to me. The Mechanic is a good worker. He serviced the state house cars. The President’s life is entrusted to him. He fixed the Hummers wheels, engine and other bodywork. Oga should not underestimate the Mechanic. His recommendations for maintenance should be taken seriously.

Oga should not make the mistake to arrest his mechanic. Lang and Pa Jallow should be in the position to advise you on this. If these wheels fall off they should take the blame. Dakar has the necessary tools to repair the Hummers. The Hummers need to be inspected for road safety.

As a member of the VIP protection and a senior staffer here at the State House,  I deem it necessary to declassify this file that comes to my attention. The Freedom Newspaper is the only medium we can use to get our messages across. The Observer would not publish my views on national security. The President is busy trying to trace me, but he should calm down. I brief him every morning on security related issues. My identity is not relevant. What matters is the substance of my postings. I participate into  our morning security meetings geared towards interpreting the positing of Lamarana Jallow. I know  how the authorities react to the pieces I filed to the Freedom Newspaper. This is just the beginning. There are more files coming online. I will be back soon… Abaraka Bandirabeh. Hackudemalla Heckawellaye…

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, July 31, 2007)
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