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Politically speaking, if Jammeh Jammeh’s worst conspirators in his tyrannical rule in The Gambia are to be listed, then Saja Taal, Neneh Macdouall-Gaye, Sheikh Omar Fye would be in the forefront.
These three people coupled with the assistance and pressure from Jammeh, and his US-based allies masterminded the publication of the names of subscribers of the Freedom Newspaper at the Daily Observer. On the afternoon of May 23, 2006, Tijan Massanneh Ceesay and Ebou Jallow called the office of President Jammeh and got him direct and asked him to instruct Sheikh Omar Fye, then director of press and public relations at the Office of the President, to check his mails immediately, as according to them, they had concluded the job Jammeh asked them to do in getting him the informants of the newspaper and stopping it from operation.
Actually, the instruction Jammeh gave to Tijan and Ebou were three fold: get the informants, blackmail Pa Nderry M’bai and then stop the Freedom from operating. This was a well sponsored and planned operation as on that fateful day, Jammeh was heard loudly cursing the mothers of his media team Fye, Mam Sait Ceesay, Ebou Jallow and Tijan Massanneh Ceesay for continuing to allow this “Bastard” (referring to Pa Nderry) to, in his own words, “insult me!” He warned them that he would not tolerate a continuous existence of the Freedom Newspaper until the time of the then impending AU summit which he said would damage his character a lot. During that meeting with Fye and Sait Ceesay which Jallow and Massanneh Ceesay in the US participated in through telephone, Jammeh insisted that he believed that some “bad elements” in the US were the ones behind the Freedom Newspaper but used Pa Nderry as a front. Jammeh even mentioned Essa Bokarr Sey and one Professor Saine of being the ones behind it. According to Jammeh, Pa Nderry was not as vicious as he was doing. He even said that, despite the fact that Pa Nderry was very critical of him, he personally admired the journalist’s investigative and writing methods when he was practising in The Gambia. “This is not the Pa Nderry that was journalist in Observer and Point. This boy was daring but I never thought he would reach this level of insulting me, as I even used to admire and enjoy the way he was dealing with the Police,” Jammeh told the media team. He even made reference to a particular fracas Pa Nderry once had with Police commissioner Abou Njie which he said made him admire the journalist a lot. “So this boy to just turn and start insulting me in this manner, there must be powerful people behind him. So let’s do something. I give you people until Monday (May 22, 2006) to deal with this bastard (Pa Nderry) or risk losing your jobs,” Jammeh concluded.
Even when Fye wanted to make a statement, he insulted him and asked him to leave his office immediately. Immediately, they got out, Tijan Ceesay called Mam Sait and begged to speak to Fye and they agreed that Jallow would be very useful in the whole exercise. They then decided that the two at State House would be monitoring the President’s mood while the Gambian embassy in the US and Ebou Jallow, who was so desperate to win the favours of Jammeh at the time, would do the actual job, as soon as possible.
On the afternoon of Tuesday May 23, 2006, Tijan and Ebou forwarded the list of subscribers to Fye and asked him to tell Jammeh that they were the actual informants. Immediately after receiving the call from Ceesay and Jallow in the US, Jammeh convened another meeting with Omar Faye and Mam Sait. He asked them to print the forward as soon as possible. After printing it, they gave a copy to Jammeh. He was seen standing, smiling broadly and brandishing the list of subscribers saying that it is his birthday gift for the nation. Soon, he announced on TV and radio that the birthday party he had planned with his supporters at the beach on the 25th of May 2006 was cancelled to another date that never came. He asked the two to immediately inform Neneh Macdouall and Saja Taal. Neneh then asked Saja Taal and Mam Sait to publish the story on Thursday, May 25, 2006 to coincide with President Jammeh’s 41st birthday since according to her, it was his special birthday gift to the nation. Saja Taal was heard saying, “these bastards, we will publish this list and Neneh will go to the big man to ensure that they are all locked and they will never see the sun for the rest of their lives.”
Neneh, Saja and Fye went to Jammeh and asked him to arrest all those whose names were mentioned. Even before the police press release that asked all those whose names appeared in the Observer to report to the nearest police station, IGP Ousman Sonko and CDS Lang Tombong Tamba had already arrested a couple of people whose names were on the list. They arrested Tombong Saidy, the late Sam Sarr of the Ombudsman who died shortly after he was released, and many other respected Gambians. They held series of National Security Council Meetings, thus giving the whole episode the prominence of the March Coup saga. It was even worse because more people were arrested and the series of press releases and uncertainties that filled the air of suspicion, rumour fear and speculation in the whole country, stunned all and sundry.
What appalled the nation most was the attention the president and his security chiefs and ministers gave it and the manner in which they were arresting innocent Gambians including 14-year old children, beating them to coma with gun butts. “Pa Nderry will never return to The Gambia and his collaborators will die in prison here. I even have the belief that there is more to come. More people are involved and as time goes on, we will surely know them. We will fuck their mothers!” Saja Taal kept on saying during those days of anguish of the citizenry.

Editor’s note: The story is a marathon one and we therefore urge all our readers to follow and avoid missing any of its series as many pertinent state issues have been intercepted and will be published. At the end of the day, Freedom Newspaper will succeed in showing the Gambian people who Mr Jammeh, Neneh, Saja, GRTS Momodou Sanyang, Omar Fye, Kebba Dibba and many others are. The readers will also know the specific roles played by Mr Jammeh, Omar Fye (then director of press and public relations at the office of the president,d DPPR), Saja Taal and Mam Sait in the Freedom Newspaper hacking; Mr Jammeh’s forceful order of publication of names of subscribers which he said was his birthday gift, and what obtains at the NIA and State House and how angry Jammeh is with ‘Hacker’ Ebou Jallow and Tijan Massaneh Ceesay for their unability to stop the Freedom Newspaper from publishing.
At the end of the day, we will also succeed in showing the Gambian people that Freedom Newspaper is here for them and Jammeh and his fellow crime perpetrators will be finished.

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