JammehÂ’’s Lying Game :Fatoumatta Jahumpa a Phenomenal Survivor!
JammehÂ’’s Lying Game :Fatoumatta Jahumpa a Phenomenal Survivor

……Speaker Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay was expelled from school, probably after her third Year
By Baati Jollof
Countrymen and Country women, Our Dear Country has continued to be the epic centre of some of the most outrageous things that we have ever seen in our entire lives. As a civil servant for more than thirty good years, I can tell you that what exist in the country today was unheard of before 1994. Truth in The Gambia has been raped, brutally murdered and hastily buried in an unidentified grave by the Jammeh regime. Decency, self-pride and dignity have been rounded up by the “fearsome” Musa Jammeh and his clique of murders, tortured, humiliated and incarcerated at the Mile Two Prisons under the orders of Yahya Jammeh. Silence and fear reigns supreme.  Nobody talks, except one or two men that I know. For the rest of us, (myself included) the “man had died in us some years ago”. Bravery no longer exists. What exist is next to slavery.
Today, you just cannot express your views in The Gambia. Our offices are not bugged, but you just do not know who to trust.  There are so many people who give fictitious information to the “authorities” on daily basis. Such people, some of whom parade themselves as NIA officers, quickly label anyone who talks against the regime as a member of the opposition. Their lies alone is enough for you to be arrested and questioned irrespective of whether you a DPS or principal secretary. They are “the Feared Nonentities of the regime”. The stupendous lies from these half baked “officers” did not just come from the blues. The Lies, deceptions, misinformation and deliberate disinformation had filtered down to them through the mad scientist, Yahya Jammeh. This lying game has been solidified through the years, by the dirty clique of the acoluthus, Fatoumatta Jahumpa, Nenneh Maccdoll and Saja Taal.
Taking a cursory glance at the last decade, one can realize that almost everything that Jammeh had told us had later turned out to be blatant lies. From the uncalled and deliberate massacre of our children on April 10th and 11 to the discovery, exploration and selling of oil; (which he flashed on disk to us on national TV) the reasons behind the sacking of ministers and directors; (who are later rehired) the numerous coups he had claimed to have foiled; his recent claim that Deyda Hydara was killed by a foreign government; the reason behind the disappearances of members of the security forces; and the greatest of them all- his recent “mandate” to cure HIV/AIDS and asthma.
What strive in today’s Gambia is Lies, Deception, Misinformation, Sycophancy and Hypocrisy.   If you can do all of these things in today’s Gambia, then you have no problem. This is how people like Fatoumatta Jahumpa, Nenneh Macdoll, Saja Taal and most recently, Sheikh Omar Fye (the son of my great teacher and mentor) have been surviving on. They have become key architects in the lying game and have continued to move upwards, but only for a matter of time.
Recently, one of the junior officers brought me the Point newspaper and told me, “Uncle please read”. I just looked at the story and laughed in my heart. It was about the new enforced Speaker of the House.  The news item mentioned that FJC has a qualification in journalism. It also states some other issues in relation to human rights, children rights to be specific. Well if this is the Fatoumatta Jahumpa that I know, the tall kid that I have seen on many occasions going to the Basketball court at Independence Drive, then I can surely vow, that that kid, now a fully grown up woman, has never had any educational qualification in her entire life.
Though Yahya I understood did managed to graduate from Gambia High School with a Second Division, Fatoumatta on the other hand never made it to the fifth form at Gambia High School.  She was expelled from the school, probably after her third year. She cannot provide any O’Levels Certificate to this day. As a dropout from high school, she had been hopping like a grasshopper from pillar to post in order to make ends meet. During her sojourn in the wilderness, she had served in various capacities in various places. At one point she diligently acted as an errant lady (she was never a lady in waiting) for Lady Chilie and had frequented the state house more than the cooks who work there.  She had escorted the former first lady to the Fajara Golf course on numerous occasions, holding her Golf bag and other paraphernalia. It is most likely, through these visits to the club that she developed an interest in golf. She is however a sportive lady, and comes from a family of great sportsmen.
It is really outrageous to call Fatoumatta Jahumpa a qualified journalist.  Years ago, while being moved from one ministry to another, I did remember reading a file that Fatoumatta Jahumpa was employed at Radio Gambia, Mile 7 as a Wollof Announcer. This alone tells a lot about the lady in question.  Am quite sure that these files are still at the PMO or the PSC as we used to call it.  I am also fully aware, that with the opening of Citizen FM, Fatoumatta had managed to gatecrash to fit herself into this outfit. The veteran journalist, Baboucarr Gaye must have done a tremendous work on her for she slightly improved a bit. During this period, she also served as a voluntary reporter with the Daily Observer. Here, Fatoumatta openly demonstrated her stupidity. She pirated any document that she can lay her hands on, and wrote very lengthy stories, most of which she probably did not understand at the time. This is probably why during a meeting at the Kairaba Beach Hotel , some few years ago, Fatoumatta stood up boldly and most ignorantly to say “ I can challenge any woman in this country on any subject matter irrespective of whether you are a PHD holder or not” on quote.
What is interesting to note is that this nonentity has outplayed Jammeh in his own game and today serves as the “Speaker of the House”. Who knows, maybe after the House, the vice-presidency is her next target. But does Sycophancy and Hypocrisy benefits anyone? For those who are a little bit short sighted, they would tend to say yes, because today nonentities like Fatoumatta Jahumpa have been able to climb to the highest positions in the land. But what I will say is think again and let us try to analyse at what cost have these sycophants and hypocrites been able to achieve these?
If Fatoumatta Jahumpa refutes these claims let her prove me wrong by flashing her OÂ’Levels Certificate online, or any other academic qualifications she has, (journalism or human rights). Let her also remember that her former classmates have access to this site. Let her lie about it and she will be exposed for ever, including the dubious attempts she tried to make in order to acquire a GCE O Levels certificate at GHS.
I await your response with patience.
Posted on Thursday, March 01, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 23, 2007)
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