Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a baby girl Thursday morning at a hospital in Mississippi near her Kentwood Louisiana home around 9:30 am. People Magazine have confirmed that they named the new baby girl, Maddie Briann.

Her sister, Britney, along with her Father, Jamie and brother, Bryan flew into New Orleans Wednesday so they could be home when she gave birth. According to People’s Magazine reports are that Mother and baby are both reported to be doing well and just family was there for the birth.

Jamie decided to leave Hollywood in December and spend the rest of her pregnancy in the comforts of her hometown. When the filming of her Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 ended she headed home to gets things ready for the birth of her baby. Jamie, 17 and her fiancé and father of the baby, Casey Aldridge, 19 got engaged in March . They have bought a home in Mississippi in Liberty Mississippi where Casey attended high school.

Jamie told OK! Magazine, that the news of her pregnancy was a shock for both she and Aldridge. She kept the news to herself because she wanted to decide what to do about it herself before letting anyone’s opinion to affect her decision. She finally told her mother she was pregnant just before Thanksgiving who was pretty upset but after about a week she began to accept it and became very supportive of her daughter.

Jan Barrett

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