James Von Brunn, an 88 year old well known white supremist who opened fire at the holocaust museum today and killed security officer Stephen Tyrone Johns, was not really the lone wolf gunmen the mainstream media would portray, To my thinking he is joined by the more infamous and popular voices of hate and bigotry.

Since the election of Barack Obama, folks like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have made it a holy mission to encourage the wing nuts and fruit loops to act out. Race baiters like Limbaugh and Beck no longer use words like nigger or spic openly, but the message to their listeners is the same, Barack the magic Negro, as Mr. Limbaugh labels him, is destroying our Christian nation and its time for patriots to step up. In a free country even the most vile and offensive speech must be tolerated, provided it does not direct people to engage in particular acts toward others, even the spew masters over at FOX who define on a daily basis journalistic inaccuracy, have a right to vomit into the pie holes of mouth breathers in search of ideological nourishment.

I speculate the folks who profit on hate will discover in a few years, organized boycotts of sponsors will eliminate whatever remains of the market share for commercial bigotry which is essentially the product FOX provides. Even the GOP’s own pollsters concede a shrinking third of Americans now comprise the rank and file of modern evangelical conservatism and fortunately it’s mostly a pool of career politicians, old white people and generic trailer park trash, with a sprinkling of has been celebs like John Voight who warned people at the big GOP wing ding a couple nights ago that Obama is a cult leader and a threat to the republic.

The next few years will no doubt draw out more loons who dominate a news cycle as the folks over at FOX and EIB live large on the revenue generated exploiting fear and hatred, But the good news is for every ditto head who continues to tune into Boss Limbaugh or Glenn Beck to find the inspiration that perhaps motivates them to praise Jesus as they kill abortion Doctors or take a stand for the white race. We sign up two more and gain a republican convert eager to join what is becoming an unstoppable movement for change.

That’s my view yours may be different

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