It has been reported that millions of Hessian bags that were used by James Hardie in Australia to transport potentially deadly asbestos were recycled and made into carpets. It is claimed that many of the bags were used to make the felt flooring that is laid underneath carpets, and further fuels fears over asbestos exposure.
Officials fear that many homes in Australia may still have the asbestos laden carpet underlay that was made from these bags, and a senior member of the Asbestos Research Group has stated that he has seen many cases of asbestos related illness that have stemmed from renovation of homes.
Dr Roger Allen stated: “We’ve had the first wave, which are the workers who worked mining the stuff, and then we’ve had the second wave, which is the group of people who are like the builders, the carpenters, the plumbers.”
He added: “Now we’re getting to the third wave, which are the home renovators. So we’re getting people who now even in their early 40s are coming down with mesothelioma.”

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