By Honey Gillard
In a recent interview, Spiderman star James Franco shared his thoughts on his character as well as Tobey Maguire’s character ‘Peter Parker, or rather Spiderman.
Here’s what he had to say:
On his character at the start of the film:
“At the end of Spiderman 2, Harry has learnt the awful truth about his friend and his father; although he doesn’t have the full story. In this movie he’s out for revenge.”
On Harry Osborn’s ‘The New Green Goblin’ costume:
“I think the idea behind the suit was to make it very utilitarian. It wasn’t about Harry going back to the lab and creating something that was gonna be flashy, he wants something that is gonna get the job done and just take care of Peter Parker.
On the dilemma’s that his character, Harry, is having:
The big dilemma Harry has to come down to is does he love his friend; he knows he loves his friend but if he just accepts that and goes with that friendship he has to accept the fact that his life up until now has been a lie and false and a total waste. He’s been living for hate. He’s been loving an evil man and doing this evil man’s bidding. It’s hard to face that you’ve been doing wrong after so long.
On audiences relating to ‘Peter Parker’:
“Peter Parker is in every man and every young person can relate to Peter Parker or wanna be Peter Parker because he’s really a genuine good guy. It’s an ultimate fantasy to be that guy and all of a sudden be given these amazing powers. But the issues that Peter is dealing with are, for the most part, issues that everyone deals with, so he’s extremely relatable, and Spiderman’s pretty much the coolest comic book character.
Spiderman hits Australian screens on May 3rd and US screens on May 4th.
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Source: Movieweb

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