By Honey Gillard 

HOLLYWOOD heartthrob Mr. James Franco hopes to write a novel in his creative writing studies at Los Angeles University UCLA this year. 

The intellectual ‘Spider-Man’ actor returned to UCLA in order to complete his studies that he had previously left in order to become and actor. 

Franco will be studying under Mona Simpson, writer of the dramatic ‘Anywhere but here’ story, whilst working on his honors thesis. 

He says, “I’m working on my honors thesis, which is a creative thesis where I’ll be writing a novel. I actually have the first draft. I’ll be reworking it until next year under the supervision of my professor, Mona Simpson, who wrote Anywhere But Here. “ 

The novel will be based upon a rebellious member of Franco’s past. 

“Part of it (novel’s plot) is based on a person I knew when I was younger who got in a lot of trouble and a lot of fights and was arrested a lot and was considered a troubled kid and kicked out of high school,” the actor says. 

He adds: “Then, later, when I graduated high school he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic so I see his behavior as pre-symptoms to getting the help that he needed.” 

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Source: Starpulse

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