If a slumping economy and rising gas prices have got you down James Dyson’s new invention may put a smirk on your face.

The creator of bag-less vacuum cleaners has set his sites and money on a gas-less, solar powered vehicle, according to Switched.com.

The Dyson billionaire hopes to develop a lightweight electric motor that could potentially power a family vehicle for hundreds of miles.

Solar panels would be mounted on the vehicle’s roof and/or on the garage roof where the vehicle would be stored.

The motor in development is based on the ones in the Dyson vacuum cleaners and hand dryers.

Dyson believes electric cars are the future and will replace gas run vehicles within a decade.

“Electric cars are [currently] seen as city cars and to go 30 mph is quite enough, but in the future that will change,” said Dyson. An electric motor can go to very high speeds.”

While I don’t dispute the reliability or speed of an electric car, my concern lies within the lack of sunlight that many locations around the world experience.

But on the bright side at least someone is making an effort to help the environment and remove gasoline dependency from the equation.

Tamika M. Murray blogs for PJ’s and a Movie, Stop and Stare Photos, and Blogcritics.org.

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