It seems that there are almost no lows that individuals and companies will not go to to sell a product. Jaime Salcedo is living proof. Research reveals a pretty interesting past for Mr. Salcedo, everyone has an entrepreneurial streak it is just that some endeavors are not as productive as others.

A brief look into Mr Salcedo paints an interesting picture, how about a Michael Vic Doll? A chewy dog treat, what could be in worse taste? Vic was clearly in the wrong, but to try and profit from it makes me want to vomit.


Even if you ignore Salcedo’s past transgressions, you have to seriously be concerned by this ‘business man’. It did not take much digging to reveal this quote:

I ordered 2 Vick Dog Chew Toys on Aug. 6th. I sent payment through PayPal. Like everyone else, I have not received my merchandise.

I can think of nothing lower than trying to profit from someone elses nightmare. His latest idea is the talking Caylee Anthony doll. An item that I cannot think will catch on.

A little bit of further digging showed that Mr. Salcedo is hardly unknown to the authorities, as the Attorney General of Florida will attest.

My normal practice is to quote my sources, and link to articles and sources. I just cannot bring myself to do that. I know trash when I see it, and Salcedo is the dictionary definition of the word trash.

Simon Barrett

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