Jailing of Gambian Coup Convicts-Baati Jollof Writes from Banjul!!
By Baati Jollof

Countrymen and country women, the events of the last few days has once again been so much disturbing and yet as has become the “tradition” in this country we are all going silently back to work, rumbling and whispering in our offices to those we can trust about the recent unjust condemnation of ten gallant soldiers from the Gambia National Army.   On Thursday April 19, the GNA 10 were unjustly condemned by a corrupt judge, and a manipulated and intimidated panel of soldiers  that have decided to devour their colleagues for their own selfish gains.
For over a year now those soldiers and civilians who have been framed and implicated in the alleged march 2006 coup have been humiliated and some of them   forced to come up to the national TV to confess that they have been part  of the coup.  We now know that those who appeared on GRTS were given statements to read, after which they were seriously tortured.  Those who stood their ground and refuse to implicate other officers as well as failing to appear on GRTS were also tortured to the core.  From the onset therefore these people were falsely tried and condemned on the media.
I have tried over the past few days to make any sense out of the entire court martial, but simply just could not find anything genuine in the entire process.  In every instance, the whole court martial as it is, was an entire mirage, a charade, a farce, a diluted drama that was orchestrated by a group of mediocre actors who were forced to danced to the tunes of a derailed and inhuman president,  a master of fabrication and composer of lies and half truths.   People at the judiciary can actually tell you that Justice Akomaye Agim was actually hand picked by yahya Jammeh to handle this case. From the onset therefore, yahya had told the devilish and corrupt Agim what exactly he wants out of this case. Former justice Secretary of State, Sheikh Tijan Hydara is very much aware of these clandestine meetings.
Agim being a corrupt judge did not have any problems with Jammeh’s suggestions.  His main concern is simply to make his doe and gain more favours from the president.  Through some of our colleagues at the judiciary, we are now fully aware that infact it was this same devilish and corrupt Agim who served as a judge in the court martial, that actually drafted  all the charges against the gallant soldiers.  In fact it is now common knowledge among the officials of the judiciary that through out the entire process of the court martial, the Director of Public Prosecution, the infamous Emmanuel Fagbenle had been in constant touch with Agim, who actually schooled him on strategies to puncture the arguments of the defense. .  Fagbenle’s denial of the torture of the soldiers was infact an insult to the whole country. Despite the fact that these soldiers had appeared before the court with very visual scars on their bodies, and someone with a plastered broken arm,   these vultures and irate  “gold diggers” blinded by their conscience and disregarding every ethic of their profession rubbished every indication of torture and accepted the cautionary statements that even the greatest daffs of the judiciary knew were fabrications and that the gallant officials were under duress in making those statements.
Truly, in all fairness,  Jammeh and his cohorts had woefully  failed to prove that the GNA 10 were part of the so called march 2006 attempted coup.  The court martial has not only be flawed and flouted, but it has been administered by criminals who under the auspices of the devil’s advocate, Yahya Jammeh, have conspired together to try and condemned the innocent.  The only obvious thing that the prosecution was able to do in the entire case was that they have been able to confirm their criminality by their obvious prejudice, their incoherence, (especially with the so called state witnesses and independent witnesses) their gratuitousness and falsehood.
One cannot but stress that the GNA 10 were framed and implicated by some of their colleagues, including the CDS, Lang Tombong Tamba for selfish gains. We already know that some army officers who were asked to come forward and give false evidence against their colleagues have already been promoted.
But be aware that what goes around comes around.
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