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Videos from the February 4, 2010 Misty Croslin SJCO jail visits were released last week.

Tommy and Misty Croslin were arrested January 20, 2010, on drug trafficking charges along with Ronald Cummings, Hope Sykes and Donna Brock.

Ronald Cummings is the father of missing Satsuma girl Haleigh Cummings who disappeared February 10, 2009 while under the care of Misty Croslin.

Police say the two cases are separate, but they will take full advantage of this situation to interview these suspects to see what they know about the night Haleigh vanished.

* Misty and Lisa Croslin Pt 1
* Misty and Lisa Croslin Pt 2
* Misty with both parents

TJ Hart

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