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Jailhouse surveillance video released Wednesday by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office shows Misty Cummings talking with her mother during a video conference with tears in her eyes.

Misty Cummings, the last person to see missing 6-year-old Haleigh Cummings when she disappeared nearly a year ago, is being held in the St John’s County jail on drug trafficking charges on $950,000 bond.

She can be heard saying over and over again that she wants to go home and complaining about her level of discomfort and stating, “They don’t let me do nothing in here.”

In Misty’s conversation with her mother she said, “I want out of here. Have you heard if my bond’s been lowered?”

“It sucks, man. I hope I don’t have to be here forever,” Cummings told her mom.

Misty also talked to her dad with the video conferencing equipment. However, the jailhouse surveillance video recording fails to operate properly. The next images to appear is Cummings’ brother Hank Croslin Jr.’s end of the conversation.

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