There are few people that have much respect for Michael Jackson these days. For decades he had become stranger and stranger. As one person I talked to said ‘He has transformed himself from a cute little black boy into a rich white woman’ . While that might be a little unfair, I have to admit that every picture I see does reflect a certain skin color that does not exactly look natural. He has also apparently had more cosmetic surgery than Dolly Parton. That in itself makes him eligible for the Guinness Book Of Records.

So what is the latest Jacko idiocy? Remember back in 2004, he somehow managed to dodge the child molestation court case, and left the US. He took up residence in Bahrain. It seemed an odd choice at the time, but all is being revealed.

According to court documents filed in London earlier today, Jacko was invited to take up residence in Bahrain, did not pay a cent for a year, and also received a $7 million advance for a book and album deal.

The king of Bahrain’s second son Prince Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa apparently was the person that invited Jacko to the country, and provided the free digs and $7 million in ‘walking around money’.

According to court documents, this was not without strings. the young prince is an amateur songwriter, and Michael Jackson was going to produce an album in Bahrain, and also co-write a book. Neither of which he did.

Jackson on the other hand maintains that the entire thing was merely a gift. And the $7 million was not $7 million. Umm, it would be one thing to say that they gave him $20, or $1000, but what does the statement ‘the $7 million was not $7 million’ mean?

In my simple mind it means that it was closer to $7 million than 6$ million, and certainly a lot more than $20 to buy a coffee.

Simon Barrett 

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