In the politics of the video game world, Jack Thompson is the enemy. He is a Florida lawyer (though I question the prudence of using such a term), that has continually attacked the video game industry for its downward cycle toward moral turpitude. is reporting on litigation surrounding the new game Bully. For the uninitiated, Bully is a supposedly violent game that depicts the main character playing a high school bully, beating other students up. Mr. Thompson seems to think this ruling has done the world a favor. In reality, the Judge has only asked for a chance to review the game before making the absurd decision that the game is a public nuisance. Chances are, the judge won’t find any merit in Mr. Thompson’s assertion, but we can only hope the court will impose a sanction for his frivolous claim. Mr. Thompson seems to think that its necessary for the law to act as the parents of the nation’s children. In reality, there is already a governing body that rates games called the entertainment software review board (ESRB). If parents were doing their jobs, they kids would not get ahold of material not suitable for them, and the American people wouldn’t need overly paternalistic laws. Regardless, something tells me that the game isn’t everything Mr. Thompson seems to think it is.
By: R. Andrew Smith
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