One of the penances of living in the Philippines is that we no longer get CNN or Fox. We now get “CNN INTERNATIONAL” and BBC. And unlike CNN, CNNI is full of people with british accents who sneer at anything that makes the US look bad. About the only US slanted news seems to be Anderson Cooper and good old Larry King, both on in the early AM when I’m usually busy.

So today while cleaning the house, my husband Lolo had on CNN and the headline was…Pakistan’s cricket coach died in the West Indies where they are holding the World Cup of Cricket.
Let’s see. North Korea may or may not be stopping their nuke program, the surge in Iraq seems to be working according to David Brooks, Iran is going broke and can’t pay the Russians, Israel is holding terror drills and Zimbabwe is going to pot.

But at the turn of the hour, CNNInternational had their priorities straight: immediately after the headlines was a five minute segment about whether or not Mr. Woolmer’s death was suspicious.

You see, there is a world series of cricket going on, and the British Anglosphere has stopped everything to watch it. And Pakistan, who was favored to win, lost first to the West Indies and then to Ireland.
And now their standing depends on if they win today’s game with Zimbabwe.

That’s where I come in. Zimbabwe may be a “sinking Titanic”, as the president of nearby Zambia called it today, but they do have a good cricket team.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines with her husband, six dogs, three cats, and a large extended family. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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