I often come up with what I plan to write on during my morning run. For some reason, ideas seem to bounce into my brain housing group (military term) as I am punishing myself physically. Today, I decided to put politics in the background; somewhat, and talk about life in general. Don’t worry, I promise not to become a philosopher, as I do not feel that is a respectable occupation. If you spend your entire life thinking about things you’ll never accomplish anything. Life is a combination of thinking and doing, and that’s somewhat the direction I am going today.

It seems that more and more Americans these days want, more like demand the government to take a more active role in their everyday lives. I do not wish to examine the government’s motives for this, as I do at great length almost everyday. Today I want to talk specifically to Americans who may believe that it is the government’s duty to take care of them.

Once upon a time we were taught, as children, that we were responsible for our own actions, and that actions have consequences. This apparently isn’t the thought process among a great many Americans anymore, as so many look to others to blame for every mistake they make. The liberal lawmakers as well as the media fuel this, by spinning so many of their news stories in that direction. We need look no further than the Fort Hood shooting last week for an example. Why does the media insist on telling all Americans stories about poor Major Hasan, who was criticized by his peers, had no friends, was persecuted for his religion, and was forced by the evil Army to listen to hundreds of soldiers’ PTSD stories to the point in which he broke. The story is actually quite simple. Maj. Hasan gunned down 14 (that’s right pro-murder advocates I said 14) innocent people…end of story. When did the “why” become more important than the “what”?

Before I go off on a rant here, let me pull this back on topic. The point is Hasan is responsible for his actions…period!

On a smaller, less violent scale, Americans should be responsible for their actions. More so than just that, we should want to be responsible for our actions. I see too many Americans content to live on unemployment and welfare, rather than get a job. I see too many that feel entitled to free healthcare. How many Americans had no problem taking a government bailout of their mortgage, while some of us scratched and clawed to keep paying ours. Oh, that’s right…it wasn’t their fault it was the evil lenders who didn’t explain well enough what “Adjustable Rate Mortgage” meant. Sometimes all of this “not my fault” victimization angers me, and other times it just makes me sad.

Why does it make me sad, you ask? Quite simply, life is a magical ride, but you only get to enjoy it once. Most of us are going to grow old one day (some of us feel old already) and be unable to do things we were once able to do. On that same note, nobody is promised another day…your life could end tomorrow. If it were all over tomorrow, what would you be proud of? It’s a simple question, but one that this generation may have a hard time answering. So many have been brought up to believe that they are entitled to everything they want, with little to no effort. Some have gone so far as to believe they are entitled to not be offended by anything they see or hear. If you live your life taking handouts and bailouts, and anything else you can scam without effort, what will you be proud of?

My mother resides in an assisted living facility now, as she is in advanced stages of multiple sclerosis. If you want to witness the point I am making here, I challenge you to go visit one, even if you don’t know anyone. They love to have visitors. When you go, you will have no problem getting that generation of Americans to share stories with you about their lives. You will hear numerous entertaining stories of events they were involved in, and troubles they were able to overcome. What will this younger generation of Americans speak of when that day comes?

The point I am making, at an alarmingly slow pace I suppose is this. You have but one life to live here on this earth. Live it to it’s fullest. Make a difference! Do things you’re proud of. Not happy with your job? Start a new career. Do something you enjoy and that you can take pride in. Make a difference in someone elses life and I guarantee you will be a happier person. When you were a child you had exciting goals and dreams, we all did. Who gave you the idea that those dreams had to die? I beg of you to not accept this life of minimal effort under the care of government social programs. It may be the path of least resistance now, but one day you will have grandchildren who will look up at you and ask about what you did when you were younger. They won’t want to here stories about all of the free government programs that you eeked through life on, compliments of other Americans taxpayer dollars.

Go live your life! Take pride in your accomplishments! Learn from your failures! Work hard, and don’t blame anyone else. The Constitution says you are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Start pursuing!!

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