A $253,000 restoration has been completed in the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy. The building that was the subject of this restoration was the two story brothel of the ancient city that was destroyed by volcanic eruption in the year A.D. 79. The city has undergone multiple restorations but this time the purpose was fixing leaks in the building and restoring the paintings on each door that had begun to grow faded and yellow. The brothel was located near the central forum of the city and had two floors containing ten rooms in total. On the door of each room was a fresco of a different sex scene which is believed to have represented the specialty of each prostitute. The upper floor was for the wealthier citizens and had mattresses on each of the concrete beds.

On the subject of the brothel, the site’s top archaeological official Pietro Giovanni Guzzo said “The legend that Pompeii was a lascivious city is true – and not true. There was ample opportunity for sexual relations, but the prostitute in the technical sense was confined to one place.” The prostitutes that worked this brothel were always slaves and most of the times were of Greek descent but occasionally a woman of foreign lineage would be sent to work in the building. The cost of spending time in a bed with one of these ladies was high, each of them commanding a price that was easily eight times what it would cost to get a portion of wine. The money always went to the owner or the manager of the brothel.

Ancient Brothel Restored in Pompeii (AP)

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