Speaking at the CII Conference on Cyber Security-Emerging Threats and Challenges, Naavi, spoke about how Information Technology Amendment Act 2008 (ITA 2008) has made it mandatory for Companies to make a risk assessment of the exposure of the company to ITA 2008 risks and what action plan is required.

Naavi drew the attention of the participants which largely consisted of corporate executives and law enforcement personnel that listed companies in India are expected to provide a CEO/CFO certification in their annual reports that the company is complying with all regulatory requirements and such a declaration would be infeasible without an ITA 2008 audit.

Drawing out a Nine step risk assessment grid including the dreaded Vicarious Liability provisions under Section 85, Naavi cautioned Companies that non compliance of ITA 2008 could lead to companies being exposed to financial risks besides the executives being exposed to imprisonment risks.

Detailed information on the conference is available at: Naavi.org


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