The passage of the Information Technology Amendment Bill 2008, (ITAA 2008) which inter-alia amended Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000) marks a significant milestone in the history of Cyber Legislation in India.

We have recognized October 17, as the “Digital Society Day” of India to remember that it was on October 17, 2000 that India first gave legal recognition to electronic documents and ushered in the era of legally accepted Digital Society in India.

The current amendments make substantial changes to the eight year old legislation and needs to be noted as a significant step towards building a legislative framework for Cyber Security in India.

The Amendment act has just been passed in the Parliament on December 23rd and it will need to get the assent of the President of India. Then several important rules and regulations are to be framed under the Act.

The amendments will bring significant changes to the IT economy of India and at a time IT industry is reeling with the effect of global recession, there are several reasons to think that the amendments may provide new business opportunities to innovative IT companies in India.

ISPs, MSPs, and Intermediaries need to gear up to meet the requirements of Compliance envisaged under the new Act which needs lot of efforts on their part.

In order to provide a platform to those in the IT industry as well as the legal fraternity to express their views on the impact of the amendments and to enable building up of an information base which would be useful to the Government of India in framing the Cyber Security guidelines and other procedural guidelines envisaged in the Act, has created an online forum called “ITA 2008 analysis Forum” specially for collating the views of experts on the amendments.

This is an open invitation for all interested persons in India or abroad to record their comments on this important issue.

To enable interested persons to analyse the provisions, information on the new Act we have provided a copy of the act and section wise comparison with ITA 2000 (present version) and ITA 2006 (Amendments that had been proposed before the current Parliamentary session) on the website 

We will invite the appropriate Government agencies to keep a look at the recommendations to be made in this forum so that useful suggestions may be adopted.

Kindly send your views to with subject line ITA 2000 analysis.

P.S: Please note that though we refer to this as the Act-ITA 2008, It will become an act after the formalities of obtaining the Presidential assent and formal notification is completed. It will officially be called ITA 2000 only with amendmets. For our discussions however we are calling the new act as ITA 2008.

I look-forward to an active global participation on this exercise of public participation in the process of prviding a feedback to the Government which may assist them in framing of rules and regulations.



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