… of missing Bureau of Prisons intern Chandra Levy were found in a remote corner of Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park. A year earlier, Ms. Levy’s disappearance was the subject of headlines worldwide for weeks, because she was a federal employee and the lover of California Congressman Gary Condit, widely rumored to have kinky, uhhh, appetites relieved by handcuffs and that sort of thing.

Ms. Levy’s disappearance was a story, with drama and many, many questions.

  1. Was Ms. Levy actually dead, or gone into hiding?
  2. Was the congressman involved?
    • If in hiding, was it to escape the congressman?
    • If dead, had the congressman killed her in the course of rough sex play?
  3. Was her work at the Bureau of Prisons a factor in her disappearance?
  4. Why, just before her disappearance, had she been searching for information about an abandoned mansion deep in the park?

On and on.

So, too, the matter of the runaway bride a couple of summers ago; it was a story, with lots of unanswered questions:

  1. Why did she run?
  2. Where did she go?
  3. Would her fiancee take her back?
  4. Would she be prosecuted?

The pre-eminent news mania of all time was over the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba 2-years ago. Again, a story, with more questions than answers.

All of which I remark because people who ought to know better — Michelle Malkin, she of the glitteringly green-eyed Natalee Holloway: Who Cares? headline, and LaShawn Barber — are still beating the drum for MSM wickedness because little has been made by the media of the brutal murders in Knoxville last January of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. But brutality, per se, is not a story; it’s just brutality, soon forgotten as new indecencies claim the attention. A story invites questions, provokes speculation, conduces toward reflection.

Were the murders horrible? Yes — but not, for that, unusual; it’s sad, but true, that people die horribly at the hands of other people every single day in this country. Is there a mystery, a drama yet to be played-out? No. Newson and Christian are dead, and their killers apprehended; they will be tried, probably convicted, and probably sentenced to death. Those events will be reported when there is something to report.

There’s no question but one — Why did those animals do that? — and we all know there’s never going to be an answer. The story is over. The wicked MSM aren’t giving anybody a pass; the story is just over.

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