Sorry but that’s the truth.  It takes a Wal-Mart to keep America healthy.  What neither Washington nor the states nor employers nor unions could do, Wal-Mart has just begun doing: making it possible for millions of Americans to be able to take all prescribed pills daily instead of having to choose between pills and heat daily as it gets cold as hell.  Instead of having to live in 60-degree homes or colder in order to afford needed pills, millions of Americans now can get them at their nearest Wal-Mart for only $4 a month per prescription.
   $40+ worth of a pill monthly fast becomes $4 monthly at Wal-Mart due to their new program offering any prescription on a list of hundreds of drugs they are offering this way.  Who cares whether it’s a public-relations gimmick for Wal-Mart?  Nobody cares when it’s going to let them both take all their pills and live in a warm home!
   Most likely by far, though, is that the $4-a-month prescription program isn’t any public-relations gimmick at all.  Most likely by far is that it’s just Wal-Mart’s effort to expand very easily without the cost of building new stores.  $4-a-month prescription drugs sold for less than aspirin will bring into each existing Wal-Mart plenty of what Wal-Mart badly lacks: middle-class customers with much more spending money.  And all of them will be walking past all of those deep-discounted other things in the store on the way to pick up their pills.
   Chronic bashers of Wal-Mart say it’s just offering “obsolete” pills not used anymore on it’s list.  Not true.  One, generic version of Cipro, was the expensive antibiotic recommended for any anthrax outbreak or attack.  Others are in use daily by countless Americans with chronic conditions.
   I don’t care what Wal-Mart’s motives are as long as they get me out of this freezing house!

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