Work kills. Or at least that’s what you might read on some of the T-shirts being worn around the „9 to 5 – Wir nennen es Arbeit“ (We call it work) festival camping grounds here in Berlin this weekend. Officially an informative event for independent “digital bohemians” who feel that “working should be more like living – and not the other way around”, it appears to some as if it will be little more than a cleverly marketed schmooze fest for all of those clever self-marketers out there who spend an inordinate amount of their time cleverly marketing their un-marketability. You know, folks like you and me.

And there certainly does appear to be a market for these types in Berlin these days. Or there certainly ought to be one. These well-trained and (potentially?) productive Aussteiger (dropout) types are unavoidable here. They are all around you, loudly sipping and slurping on lattes while hacking away on their annoying top-of-the-line notebooks at a café near you. Unless of course it’s me sitting there. I’m the guy with the piece-of-shit notebook.

Anyway, if you too are someone who “could care less about a typical career and denies his or her allegiance to the notion of old-fashioned permanent positions and the rat race which is the salaried employee culture” (if you can’t land one of these cool jobs, in other words), dig out your sleeping bag (no joke) and head on over to something called RADIALSYSTEM V for a new type of lost weekend which may just change your life forever. Then again, it may not change it all. Or maybe it will just change it for a few hours or something.

And don’t listen to what certain disgruntled former so-called Berlin Culture Senator types have to say about you and those like you, that you are living out your bohemian dropout lifestyle “built upon the fundament of a future inheritance.” Who cares if that may or may not be true? At least you’re living it out, or trying to, sort of.

Come visit me at Observing Hermann…

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