Just released out on DVD by Acorn Media (http://acornonline.com) is the North American debut of Chancer, Series 1 starring international movie star, Clive Owens.

In this English series from the 1990s, Stephen Crane (played brilliantly by Clive Owen) is a young London business analyst/con-man who calls in a favor for an old friend to save Douglas Motors, a crumbling sports car manufacturer owned by the posh Douglas family. Meanwhile his job at a top London investment firm goes sour after an insider deal goes bad and his pompous, arrogant effeminate boss, played deliciously evil by Leslie Phillips, is hell bent on recovering his swindled money. It’s Wall Street, Layer Cake and Dynasty all wrapped into one.

Airing some 15 years ago, Chancer delighted British audiences, as it was one of the best shows on the BBC at the time. Owens shines, yet again, as the loveable anti-hero (a reoccurring type cast as in the most recent film Children of Men) in the role that ultimately led him to international stardom.

The cinematography and the soundtrack (by Miami Vice theme creator and Grammy winner, Jan Hammer) are a bit dated, but the imagery, the writing and the acting are timeless. A great sit down for a rainy day or late night marathons. All 13 episodes are included in the boxed set as well as special features including: a photo gallery and cast filmographies.

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