Issues have arisen over the fact that there is a two tier system within the UK when it comes to claiming compensation as a result of a type of asbestos related health problems, with people in Scotland able to make a claim whereas those in other parts of the UK are not eligible to make a claim for this particular condition.
The two tier system has arisen with regards to claims for pleural plaques, and the Justice Secretary Jack Straw is now calling for an end to this two tiered system, which came about after Scottish Parliament voted for Scottish people suffering from this problem to be able to claim whereas the House of Lords scrapped payments for other claimants two years ago.
One man who has pleural plaques through being exposed to asbestos at work said: "They would come in with this stuff and just slap it on the pipes next to us with their hands. Nobody told us it was dangerous or gave us special clothing. It was astonishing how we were treated. My throat is raw. My nose runs. I have trouble breathing. A few of my workmates have it and I was at another’s funeral six months ago."
Another added: I never thought about pleural plaques. I didn’t even know what they were. The only place I ever worked with asbestos was the Swan Hunter shipyard in Wallsend. I worked in the engine rooms of the ships and we used to see the asbestos rain down like silver."

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