“Islamophobic!” It seems to be the accusation d’jour lately. All one needs to do to be accused is express concern over the new Moslem mosque being constructed down the street or about the population statistics that show an increasing Moslem population or even just make a comment about a news story that tells of some new act of barbarism perpetrated by the Moslem lunatic fringe.

Now there certainly may be some few actual Islamophobics in the world — but not many. To have a “phobia” you must have “A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing” (From the American Heritage Dictionary). Since Sept. 11, 2001, considering the media hype and the misinformation, considering the strange nature of the Muslim religion (strange, at least to ‘Westerners’) and considering Islam’s obvious desire to ‘Islamize’ the world, an honest fear of Islam can hardly be considered irrational and “Islamaphobia” must be considered a tool, used by the politically correct to make you feel guilty about worrying about your lives and the future of your culture.

The question we all need to consider (and this “we” also includes the British, Dutch and French who have serious problems with Muslim immigration) is how to ease the tension, calm the fears, get focused on the real problems and resolve them. As I see it, the “real” problems are two:

1) There is a very real, very radical and very dangerous faction of Islam that wants world domination for their religion at any price.

2) In many parts of the world (I’ve already mentioned the UK, France and the Netherlands) countries are being overrun by Moslems and, due to the rigid nature of the Moslem religion, they can not (or will not) assimilate. They are, in fact, doing what the radical elements want done, they are, by sheer numbers, Islamizing these countries.

The answer to problem number 1 is obvious: Radical Islamic forces must be destroyed — they must be dealt a killing blow. Not to do this, or be willing to allow your government to do it, is to willingly submit your entire culture to destruction. That may seem harsh and perhaps “Islamophobic” but I feel that it is a very real assessment of the situation.

My answer to problem number 2 is straightforward but not simple: forced assimilation; and that must start with a common language. Many governments (the U.S. government is clearly no exception) have gone far out of their way to accommodate every immigrant (even illegal ones here in the U.S.) by providing government forms in almost every imaginable language, by holding a very soft line on enforcement of immigration laws, and by mandating accommodations in medical facilities and other government controlled facilities (accommodations that have many of those facilities on the brink of bankruptcy).

Frankly, the benefits of forcing a common language are questionable — Islamic culture is still Islamic culture no matter what language is used to express it but there is a hope that it can be the first step in the long assimilation process. Language is, after all, clearly the lynch-pin of any culture.

And make no mistake about it, the unthinking politically correct forces in the world will reject solutions such as mine and will continue to use senseless epithets such as “Islamophobic” but they must be ignored (or be given psychological counseling). We are in a very real culture war with a very real and powerful enemy. Right now, Europe is the primary battleground, but in the long run, the United States is the primary target.


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