Ed is a former Islamist who has turned against their ways. In this book he exposes their methods and actual aims. Its makes for quite fascinating reading that should scare the dickens out of anyone who actually believed the politically correct rhetoric surrounding extremism in Islam. He explains the differences, rivalries and theological arguments between the different strands of radical Islam.

However, there is a burr in the ointment. He does not completely distance himself from the reasoning for the Islamist behaviour (or rather their stated reasons). He repeats mantras of moral relativism by stating that the UK and the US are just as guilty as the 9/11 & 7/7 bombers. He seems to talk quite unjudgementally about his mates and acquaintances who went onto to betray their country and kill Britons.

He also prattles on about how advanced Islam was under Mohammad; while skipping over some of his more brutal behaviour towards pagans and Jews. Worse than that he continues the Islamists mantra that we white folks in Northern Europe were just a bunch of knuckle dragging barbarians incapable of anything. He makes quite a snide remark about the Norse; seemingly forgetting that the Norse at the time were travelling to the new world and to the Middle East.

There is no sense that Husain thinks Islamists and their ilk are evil just misguided and overzealous.

This is a no apologia but merely a statement of what is happening. One does wonder why the author is no rotting in jail unable to profit from his evil deeds. That says as much as the content of the book.

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