In the US, we’re blissfully ignorant of what radical Muslims are doing. If it’s not a 9/11 scale attack, we just don’t care.

A few tidbits that won’t be heard American mainstream media:

A German woman and her son have been kidnapped by Islamic terrorists. The Iraqi Muslims are demanding that Germany withdraw their troops from Afganistan. The Muslim terrorists are threatening to kill the woman and her son if Germany doesn’t pull its troops.

Three Muslims were shot to death in Thailand, by Islamic terrorists. Over 2000 people have died in Thailand as a result of Islamic “seperatists” since January 2004. It’s not enough that these Islamic terrorists kill Americans in Iraq, but they’re doing this all over.

The base of a European Islamic terror group linked to Al Qaida has been found in Serbia. The base, a cave packed with masks, weapons and explosives, was linked to a number of “white Al Qaida” who can easily blend into western European societies. The emergence of white Al Qaida is is disturbing, as these Muslim terrorists can pass unnoticed through western societies.

A group apparently linked to Al Qaida is attempting to kill the Dali Lama, on an upcoming trip to Australia. The Dali Lama hasn’t hurt a soul…his only crime? Not being a Muslim, or preaching Islam.

The Indonesian Muslim terror group, Jemaah Islamiyah, having links to Al Qaida, has restructured to add a military wing. This is the same group that’s been murdering Christian clergy in Indonesia.

A woman who is critisizing the “divine right” of a Muslim husband to beat his wife is receiving death threats.

And, just to pile on, Britain continues its capitulation to Muslims by removing material relating to the Jewish Holocaust, for fear of offending Muslims.

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