The President of Iran paid a visit to Columbia University school of International studies and was berated by the University President Lee Bollinger during the introduction.

While I grant you much of President Bolinger’s prepared aspersions were accurate and needed to be said. Academic tradition dictates you wait till your guest is welcomed to the forum before you begin denouncing the ideas, cultural difference and political divides under discussion.

It was more then a departure from good form and civility. President Bolinger played the role of academic pettifogger on behalf of neoconservative American Imperialism. 

You preach to the choir when demanding we extend to the Nation of Israel what ever military, financial and moral support they seek. 

But since Diplomacy, leveraged by economic enticement remains the only effective weapon you can deploy against a country like Iran. The absence of savoir faire only served to advantage President Ahmadinejad.

What could have been a forum to advance future dialogue became little more then a media spectacle for each sides spin doctors and string pullers.

To take the position we will never establish a diplomatic path with Iran till it conforms to our standards of freedom, law and liberty. Is simply the cracker ass demand of an intellectual Imperialist and typical of neoconservative hypocrisy. 

We befriend tyrants and baby killers provided the President for life oppressing his people. Is loyal to the revenue stream of America’s industrial military complex.   

Too many Americans accept as gospel the utterance’s of “middle east experts” who make a living doing the cable news circuit. Simply telling the networks to cheap to field reporters what they want to hear about the “crises” in the middle east.

While we may never become “friends” with Iran or Syria. We could establish a diplomatic frame work that allows for peace in the middle east that protects every ones vital interests.

P.S. Burton

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