The clash of civilsations is a publicity tool to whip up passions in the hearts of Westerners. There are many serious clashes taking place in the world besides the clashing of Islam and the west, which poses more danger to the existance of the mankind. There is a clash of the currencies; the Dollars, Euroes and Yens are fighting for the economic supremacy. This can lead the world to financial depressions which can blow into a war between nations.

‘The clash of the genders’ is taking an uglier form, as rapes go on increasing along with domestic violence against women, closely followed by ever increasing divorces. Nobody calls it a clash!

The fabulous theory for the west versus Islam has evolved out of the mind of a few politically motivated people and the media find it a saleable story.
The Muslims continue to flourish in the west, while the Westerner also stream in Islam and make it to be the fastest growing religion in the world specially in the west. There are many families in the Chrisitian Europe which do not mind their children following a faith considered to be most terrifying one. So the globalisation has united various civilsations under one roof, geographical boundaries only remain on the globe, like latitudes and longitudes. Every country wants to become rich by selling its talents, natural resources and shares too.Even a country like Saudi and Pakistan which are blamed to be hub of terrorism are in race towards economic prosperity.

Latest reports tell us that after the 11 sept, the Western countries still remain the favourite choice of Arab students for education and Islam remains the favourite religion  of the thousands of westerners who are looking for God in the right .The Qur’an became one of the best sellers after 9/11.People read , analysed and then many of them said “yes” to Islam, and still thousands continue to embrace this relgion.Samuel Huntington forgot to include the reasons of the spread of Islam among the westerners.The  media rarely discusses the phenomena of the rise of Islam in the West.You will only find them in the corners of few newspapers..

The 57 Muslims countries know that they are not so powerfull to take  on the west. So there is no military arrogance sensed here.If the world was heading towards the clash, then why is Bush considered to be the biggest terrorist in the world by so many people including the intellectuals of his own country? A clear sign that wisdom still prevails.It is this wisdom, this high quality of intelligence in the Westerners that makes them refuse blind following of their leaders’ war -monging policies.

Inspite of the threat of the clash between civilisations, intelligence and wisdom still persisits in the mind of majority of the westerners, plus the European always listen to their Pope. The last Pope who was very concenered about the war in Iraq, wanted to go there as a human shield to protect the innocents. Even Islam promotes intelligent dialouge with the people of the book. It adresses to the Christians and the Jews with highly honoured terms like “O people of the book”!In fact the Quran commands the Muslims:

“and dispute not with the people of the book except in a best way”
( Holy Qur’an chapter 29 verse 46)

The Qur’an goes further to declare the inner feeling of the Christians about the Muslims :

” Nearest to the believers in love you will find those who say “we are Christians” (Holy Qur’an chapter5, verse 82)

There is not a single Non Christian religion in the world,besides Islam, which makes it an article fo faith for its believers to believe in Jesus, his miraculous birth , and they are told to love, honour and respect Jesus as well his mother Mary.There is an entire chapter called Surah Maryam. (Mary in Arabic). The Qur’an gives a witness that Mary was a chaste woman.

Who ever thinks that Qur’an incites hatred against the Westeners ( read here Christians) must go through the Quran to cross check the allegations.

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