A small group of disgruntled Muslims who think that Islam is inherently political and radical, unreformable and goes way too heavy on the headscarves, has launched what they call the National Council of Ex-Muslims here in Berlin.

The hopeless dreamers actually believe that “coming out” like this will somehow eventually produce a counterweight to other Muslim organisations that they believe don’t adequately represent the half dozen or so of Germany’s secular-minded Muslim immigrants. Hey, you have to start somewhere – and believe in something.

It certainly is easy to see where the founder of the organization, Mina Ahadi, is coming from. Born in Iran, her free speaking never sat well with the leadership of the Islamic Revolution there, nor did her refusal to wear a headscarf, nor did her husband’s opposition to the regime – who has later executed (the husband not the regime).

That the group has purposely named itself in reference to the formidable National Council of Muslims in Germany will probably not be taken kindly by these and other German Muslim federations. And that they are openly breaking a taboo by publicly renouncing their faith in a religion that makes no provision for formally departing from membership in said faith will also raise a few daggers, oops, I mean eyebrows.

I do think that the police protection these people are now getting is a bit of an overreaction, though. I mean, what’s a little death threat or two mean anymore these days? From an irate Muslim/Islamic fundamentalist, I mean. You know, barking dogs never bite and all that. It’s not like these wackos ever carry out any of their crazy threats or anything. Wait, let me rephrase that… But how?

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